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pee ess [02 Feb 2005|09:02pm]
if you haven't added my new journal, nonfictionnn, please to do it right now.
thank you.

oh, and then please visit this link:

(preview the new eisley album if you haven't listened already !!)


(shopping malls and knives.)

[10 Jan 2005|07:34pm]
lately i've just been really reminiscent and emotional.
like... really emotional.
and by really emotional, i mean i just cried on the phone with ryne because i didn't go over there tonight and i feel rotten.
i really don't feel like talking to ANYONE.
i asked dustin if he wanted to go to the mall with me to talk. i think it's funny that we randomly depend on eachother the way that we do.

speaking of that, i got a little misty the other day when i found the last MadLibs Matthew Felix Basler and I did together. He called me the day before that. weeeeird. I just called him a little while ago and woke him up. grarrr..

"Movies Should Be Fun" (filled out by Val, words chosen by Matt)

In recent years, there have bee too many disater movies in which tall testicles catch on fire, diahrrea-filled dinosaurs come to life, and huge donkey cocks attack people in the ocean, making you afraid to get out of your uterus lining in the morning. Movie fans ask why we can't have more fuckadelic pictures like It's a Wonderful Dead Senior Citizen, Gone With the Underbite, or Mr. Matt Goes to Val's Mouth. These films made you feel slutty all over. These same fans also ask why we can't have more funny films with comedians such as Laurel and Val, and Abbott and Mark McGrath. These fucking performers gave us great slapstick crab lice that still makes our vaginal warts ache from laughing.

(3 terrified of telephones and | shopping malls and knives.)

yeah, yeah. [06 Jan 2005|10:14pm]
so like... i've been thinking a whole lot about how i've lost so many friends. and i'm not even doing anything about it. i'm sitting on my ass at home or sitting on my ass at ryne's house. not calling lauren or cassie or kyle or sera. or anyone. i't just one of those moods.

i miss sera so much. it's like the summer split us apart. and i feel so horrible about it. and i'm so scared that she'll get sick of me and not want me to go to knox and want me to get my own college and i just don't know. i've been worrying too much. i'm worried that everyone hates me, but i'm not asking any questions.

tomorrow is school, lunch with ryne, more school, clothing field trip to hancock.
i want to see lauren, cassie and kyle stat.

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oh shit. [06 Jan 2005|06:18pm]
some kid just called me "ma'am".

(2 terrified of telephones and | shopping malls and knives.)

ahhhhh [06 Jan 2005|04:49pm]
if real life is anything like the sims 2, i never want to have kids. ever.

ps: i decided on my first tattoo. well... tattoos.

pps: school is already making me want to puke.
snow days, where are you?

(4 terrified of telephones and | shopping malls and knives.)

grahhh [04 Jan 2005|07:05am]
I'm feeling very apprehensive about going back to school today. I feel like I avoided lots of faces over break because I needed just that... a break. The only person I saw from school over break was Kyle, and he graduated early. I'm very excited to see Laura and Adam... because I feel like I connect with them on so many levels without having to see them all the time. I'm also excited for Katie Case, Chelsea, Kat, Jill, etc.

I am NOT excited for Appt. With Death.. and I'm telling Zoth that I'm not going to be involved for the rest of it. It's just too draining right now.

I lost my schedule. Where are you, study block 5th hour? I'm guessing Cafeteria? we'll see.

Cassandra, let's make a date soon. I'm sorry I've been sick =/
Kyle Devine, let's do lunch on Friday when I have my paycheck ;)
Boyfriend, I'm so happy I had such a great chance to bond with you this break. :)
Lauren... where are you?! Come back to me.

Everyone else... I love you so much.

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holla [02 Jan 2005|11:24am]
So i haven't driven in about 3 days. sweet.
I'm so freakin sick that I can't stand it.
I spent all day at Ryne's yesterday and slept in his bed, basically.
until, that is, i got a fever.

i didn't even get to say goodbye to sera before she left. she'll be at Knox in about an hour, i presume.
At least I'll see her in 2 weeks.
I'm thinking of telling Zoth that I'm just not going to work on Appt. with death at all.
What's the use? I'm not going to the performances.

I hope everyone had a good new year's.

(1 terrified of telephones and | shopping malls and knives.)

[30 Dec 2004|09:41pm]
hey...hey boyfriend? hey, i like it when you say stuff like "oh. okaaaayyy..." after i tell you i just want to hang out with you alone.

i feel really shitty and tired, the smd, target market, the happening! and the floating city show was sold out or whatever.
i'm kind of glad.

and i also didn't want to drive to st. charles then maplewood then st. charles then home again.

i feel like sleeping until tuesday morning.

(shopping malls and knives.)

double-post [28 Dec 2004|12:40pm]
wise words from the MFB:

MFB: Sometimes people bring out the wierd in eachother
MFB: I guess.
t rex like whoa: I don't know
MFB: You know, like when we hung out a lot, we were always doing anal.  And torturing little kids in your basement.
MFB: Looking back on it, it was kinda weird.
MFB: But it was you and me, so it seemed ok
t rex like whoa: yeah, you're right.

(1 terrified of telephones and | shopping malls and knives.)

[28 Dec 2004|12:26pm]
sooo... DDR is the best game ever. and i'm NOT kidding. and it makes me feel bad inside. almost.

i feel like i haven't been putting in much effort to do anything at all this break. it's been family, family, family, ryne's family, ryne's family.
there may be a shindig comin up on wednesday, you'll get more details if you're worthy.

my mom forgot how to be a bitch for a few days, but then she remembered a little while ago.

(1 terrified of telephones and | shopping malls and knives.)

[25 Dec 2004|07:13pm]
haaay guyyyz i got my lip peirced!!
but i'its fake.
and infected because the fake ring is too tight.
i get everything i want but i'll never know how to use it.
or how to be a good person.

get it? it's a joke. haha.

(shopping malls and knives.)

[25 Dec 2004|07:03pm]
i got a scanner, long underwear, some shirts, an awesome scarf, some great lotion stuff, a $50 gift card for Michael's and a check for $75 yesterday.


if anyone wants to donate a 32MB+ PCI graphics card to the "val can't play the sims 2 on her stupid computer" fund...
i will love you forever and give you kisses!!

merry christmas!!

(4 terrified of telephones and | shopping malls and knives.)

this is my favorite photo of right now. [22 Dec 2004|06:53am]

me and my best gal.

c/o audrizzle.com :)

(shopping malls and knives.)

[21 Dec 2004|04:18pm]
next year, my birthday will be on a full moon. yipes!!

guess who called in to work today? me.
guess who isn't really sick? me.
guess whose mom doesn't care?.... MINE.

today was great.
got out of school, got gas, and went to save cassie.


cassie, ryne and i have a new favorite meal at b-dubs.
guess what? i don't care who started going there first.

tonight is stephanies? and ryne and maybe a little sims somthin somethin.
DEFINITELY tomorrow night.
it's my last day of female team sports tomorrow.
thank jeebs.

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[20 Dec 2004|11:32am]
i have been thinking a lot.
i've had a lot of time to do so, because i am constantly sitting around.

hunter and kyle's birthday party was a blast. i can't help feeling like the bigger picture is breaking into pieces though. shattering, even.
i got an amazing hat. i took weird photos in it and i don't know how that makes me feel. i'll post some.

i took my ap english final today and then came home. awesome. at least i finished.
i have been having trouble being sympathetic lately.
i have also been having trouble having feelings.
you know how i roll.

i want to see more of people.
i also don't want to talk to matt's friends on the phone anymore.

"basler talks about you all the time."

great, he should have done that when he had a chance with me,
instead of waiting like an asshole and making me feel like shit.

i've been filling my time listening to a lot of old music.
ryne and i decided we're recording a cd.
including "they can't take that away from me" ella and louis style.
ryne will skat. not kidding.

baby, it's cold outside.

(1 terrified of telephones and | shopping malls and knives.)

[18 Dec 2004|10:42am]
people have changed a lot. i don't know how i feel about it.

i had a really great time last night. I went over to Kyle's and we drove to Value Village, and then picked up Sera and went to Penn Station where Kyle introduced me to my new love, the Artichoke sub. Holla holla!
Then we went to Kyles where Sunnyface and Lau-Bo came over... and we had a grand old time sitting around and such.
We then trekked to Wal-Mart, where Kyle purchased a cap gun, caps, an air horn, and silly string.
We used them all appropriately to celebrate his 18th birthday at 12.
Then, of course, we went to QT, and he bought cigarettes and a scratch off ticket.
"Can I please buy the thinnest, longest.... cheapest cigarettes you have?"

ohhhhh yess.

anyway, I would just like to point out that lately, Cassandra Lynn Hornbuckle has been the best thing in my life. and I can never thank her enough for that. :)

(shopping malls and knives.)

you make me nervous, nervous, nervous [13 Dec 2004|10:45pm]
[ mood | soda pants ]

hella hella hella nervous nervous nervous.

i don't know how i feel about this:

"all i wanna do is smell your dirty pants. oh my GOD. is that weird? that's weird. i'm sorry, baby, i'm sorry. if it's weird, i didn't say it. i'm sorry. look, baby, i'm sorry."
-Matt Basler

you really just have to know the context, methinks.

(3 terrified of telephones and | shopping malls and knives.)

[11 Dec 2004|08:09am]
Let me just say that Amanda's party was AMAZING last night. The dance party was soooo great. I got to see Chris Cronin again, which was really nice since he's leaving in a week. I love that guy, I have since sophomore year.
Anyhow. Kyle, Sera, Chris, Ryne and I (with the occasional help of Hunter, Becca, Amanda, Amber, Lindsay Mistretta!!, and drunk girl) totally tore it up. The food was great, and so was the company. I don't know if I've ever had a better time at a party before. lovelovelove. photos later.

I have to go to work in about 15 minutes. Which kinda sucks, but at least I'm up. Then the Ryne is coming over and we're going to Stephanie's house later on to bring the gift of Trivial Pursuit. Ohhhhlove.

I think I'm going to start deleting my comments after I make them on people's journals. Apparently it's the trendy scenester thing to do.


(6 terrified of telephones and | shopping malls and knives.)

[10 Dec 2004|04:49pm]
today after school, kyle and i made cookies
and danced to the gwen stefani cd.

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas....

(1 terrified of telephones and | shopping malls and knives.)

[09 Dec 2004|09:32pm]
okay, so you have a heart. but let me introduce you to my good friends: decency, respect, and maturity.


ps: "the list" to be posted soon.

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